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Storage BBQ Box: The Essential Companion for the Traveling Equestrian

Storage / BBQ Box

One of the biggest challenges that many equestrians face when travelling with horses is having efficient and enough storage space for their gear and provisions.

Adding a storage BBQ box in your horse float offers compact, durable compartments that enable you to organise all your equestrian equipment, further enhancing your and your horses’ overall trip experience.

Features of the Storage BBQ Box

The inclusion of a storage compartment underscores the significance of storage BBQ boxes within a horse float setup. Here are key attributes that underscore their importance:

Compact design

The compact design of the Storage BBQ Box for horse floats is essential for maximising space efficiency within the limited confines of a horse float.

With horses already occupying a significant portion of the available space, a compact storage solution ensures that you can efficiently store your gear and provisions without sacrificing the horses' comfort or safety.

Additionally, compactness facilitates ease of transport and mobility when loading and unloading the horse float.

Durable materials

During travel, encounters with bumps and extreme weather conditions are common, emphasising the need for durability in your selected storage BBQ box. Aluminium stands out as one of the most resilient materials available.

A storage BBQ box made of this material ensures longevity and robustness. Aluminium’s strength is made to withstand the harshness of travel without succumbing to damage. This durability safeguards your equipment and provisions, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.

Multiple compartments

Multiple compartments in the Storage BBQ Box for horse floats serve essential purposes. They enable efficient organisation of various equipment and supplies, such as grooming tools, tack, and first aid kits, ensuring easy access during travels.

A storage BBQ box with multiple compartments also helps separate items, preventing them from getting tangled or damaged during transportation. In addition, distinct compartments allow for better weight distribution within the box, maintaining balance and stability while the horse float is in motion.

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Built-in BBQ grill feature

The best horse floats typically have a built-in BBQ feature in the storage BBQ box. This element serves dual purposes. Firstly, it caters to the practical need for cooking while on the go, ensuring equestrians have access to hot meals during their travels.

Secondly, the built-in BBQ feature enhances the overall experience of outdoor adventures. It allows you to enjoy freshly cooked meals in scenic locations, fostering a sense of relaxation and enjoyment despite the tiring equestrian activities.

Insulated cooler section

The insulated cooler section in horse floats often serves multiple functions, including preserving the freshness and coolness of perishable food and beverages during travel. Storage BBQ box with this feature ensures that the quality of food and drinks is well-maintained for safe consumption.

Additionally, its insulated cooler section provides you with convenient access to refreshments, enhancing your comfort and enjoyment during long rides or outings with your horses.

Secure locking mechanism

A secure locking mechanism is essential for the Storage BBQ Box for horse floats to ensure the safety of valuable equipment and supplies during transport. When travelling with your horse, you are likely to be carrying expensive gear, such as saddles and tacks, that need protection from theft or damage.

Moreover, a locking mechanism prevents the contents from shifting or spilling during travel, maintaining order and lowering the risk of accidents or injuries to both humans and horses.

Where to Get the Best Storage BBQ Box in Australia?

Finding the ideal storage BBQ box for your horse float can be challenging due to the myriad options in the market. For the utmost in durability and quality, look no further than Euro Horse Shop.

Our storage BBQ box, measuring 86cm x 56cm x 22cm and weighing 4kg, stands out as a premier choice. Priced at AUD 395, rest assured, this box is designed to meet your needs effectively.

Check out our website at for other horse float accessories.

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