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Valuable Horse Float for your Autumn Equestrian Adventures

Valuable Horse Float for your Autumn Equestrian Adventures

Fall is widely regarded as the prime season for horseback riding adventures. But other seasons, particularly summer, also offer ample opportunities for enjoyment. With extended daylight hours, you and your horse can explore diverse trails, refine new skills, or gear up for forthcoming shows and competitions.

The only problem with horseback riding during summer, however, is the increased risk of illness and injury due to rising temperatures. This is where a horse float becomes valuable.

What is a Horse Float?

Also known as a horse trailer or horsebox, a horse float is a specialised vehicle designed to transport horses safely from one location to another. These vehicles come in various shapes, sizes, and brands to accommodate your and your horse’s specific needs.

Horse floats also typically consist of a compartment where your horse can stand. They are also built with enough storage space for your equestrian equipment and supplies.

But even with these differences, horse floats, regardless of brand, size, or shape, all have one similar objective: to facilitate the safe and convenient transport of horses. This makes horse floats essential, especially for equestrians who need to transport their horses for activities such as competitions, trail rides, or even veterinary appointments.

Horse Float Accessories to Purchase

Once you have acquired a horse float, the next crucial step is outfitting it with the right accessories to ensure your horse's comfort and safety. Below are some of the most important accessories to consider investing in for your horse float:

Saddle Pad

Saddle pads are vital horse float accessories that provide crucial padding and protection for your horse’s back during transportation. They can provide additional cushioning and comfort, especially during long journeys or for horses with sensitive backs.

Saddle pads can help absorb sweat and moisture, allowing your horse to remain dry and comfortable while also lowering the risk of skin irritation.

Whether your horse needs saddle pads when in a horse float depends on various factors, such as the type of flooring in the float, the duration of the journey, and the horse's individual preferences and needs. Some horse floats come with padded flooring that may negate the need for a saddle pad.

Manure Scooper

Maintaining the cleanliness of the horse float is paramount, and a manure scooper can help you with that. This vital horse float accessory is valuable for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during transportation.

Promptly removing waste prevents odour buildup and reduces the risk of bacterial growth that may put your horse’s health at risk. Keeping your horses' environment clean can help them be comfortable.

Additionally, proper manure disposal helps comply with environmental regulations, as it minimises environmental impact. Overall, a manure scooper promotes the well-being of both horses and handlers during travel.

Spare Wheel

Horses are highly sensitive creatures, and any disruption from their usual routine or prolonged confinement can trigger feelings of anxiety and discomfort. Transportation delays often mean extended periods of confinement within the horse float, where limited space and heightened temperatures can significantly stress these animals.

To prevent such situations, it is crucial to equip your horse float with a spare wheel. In case of a flat tyre or other mechanical problems, having a spare wheel readily accessible enables prompt replacement, reducing downtime and potential stress for both the horse and the rider.

This provision offers reassurance during travels, ensuring that unforeseen obstacles can be efficiently managed while prioritising the safety and welfare of the transported horses.

Storage Box

When travelling, you will need various items, from grooming supplies to first aid kits and emergency tools. A storage box enables you to transport all these essentials safely and in an organised manner, ensuring convenient access when needed and secure transportation throughout your journey.

This box will serve as your designated storage for all your and your horse’s needs. Keeping your essentials in one secure and easily accessible compartment can help you be prepared for any situation that may arise during your travels.

Furthermore, a well-organised storage box maximises space within the horse float, allowing for efficient packing and ensuring that your horse's comfort and safety are prioritised throughout the journey.

Ark Jockey Winding Wheel Replacement Handle

The Ark Jockey Winding Wheel Replacement Handle is a specific accessory designed for horse floats. It serves as a replacement or backup handle for the jockey wheel, which is a pivotal component of the horse float's hitching mechanism. The jockey wheel allows for easy mobility when hitching or unhitching the horse float from the towing vehicle.

In the event of damage or malfunction to the original handle, the Ark Jockey Winding Wheel Replacement Handle ensures that operations can continue smoothly, minimising disruptions and ensuring the safety and convenience of transporting horses.

Ensuring Your Horse’s Safety During Travel

Ensuring your horse is adequately prepared for travel, especially for long journeys, is just as crucial as equipping your horse float with the right accessories. Some of the most important steps you can follow include:

Before Travelling

  1. Health Check: Before going on your journey, ensure your horse is in good health. Verify if they are eating, drinking, and exercising as usual.
  2. Rugging: Depending on the temperature, bringing a lightweight cotton rug or combo can help make your horse more comfortable during the journey. Remember that your horse must feel slightly cooler than too warm, as overheating can lead to serious health issues.
  3. Travel Boots: Ensure that your horse’s travel boots fit snugly to prevent them from slipping and causing them to panic during transit.
  4. Tail Bandages: If your horse tends to lean back against the float's tailgates, consider using tail bandages. This can help prevent sores and hair loss. Just make sure that the bandages are correctly applied.
  5. Drinking: Horses may not drink while away from home, so bring water from home to provide a familiar taste and encourage hydration during travel.
  6. Feeding: Prior to your travel, avoid feeding your horse large amounts of grain, as this takes longer to digest. Adjusting feeding times will also help ensure your horse is able to digest its food before travelling.

While on the Road

  1. Feeding:Giving food to your horse while travelling is not inherently wrong and may even help them enjoy the trip more. But remember to limit their food intake, as overeating may result in an increased risk of travel sickness.
  2. Tying your horse:When travelling with multiple horses, it is best to tether them to prevent them from bothering their companions. However, ensure that they are not tied too tightly to allow for proper drainage of mucus. The tie should be loose enough to enable the horse to lower its head comfortably below its chest.
  3. Travelling in heat:Whenever feasible, try to avoid travelling during the hottest part of the day. But if it is inevitable, ensure good ventilation in the horse float to ensure your horse’s comfort.

At Your Destination

  1. Walk your horse:As soon as you arrive at your destination, take time to walk your hoses. This will allow them to stretch and help with the blood flow. Moreover, walking your horse enables them to assess and adjust to their new environment.
  2. Clean your float:After transporting your horse, the next step is to clean the float. Whether or not your horse excreted urine or waste, rinse it out with a hose or throw in a few buckets of water. This helps reduce the risk of rotting floorboards. Additionally, applying a disinfectant scrub or spray can help eliminate any lingering odours.

Where to Shop the Best Horse Float Accessories?

If you are looking for a reliable shop to purchase your horse float accessories, you have come to the right place.

Euro Horse Shop is a trusted dealer specialising in a wide range of premium-quality products tailored to your needs. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and extensive knowledge of equestrian equipment enables us to be your ultimate destination for all things related to horse float accessories.

Whether you need safety essentials, comfort enhancements, or convenience items, we have a comprehensive selection to fulfil your requirements. Explore our offerings today and enhance your horseback riding adventures with top-notch accessories available on our website at


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